At ARS, we integrate our proven system into your existing invoice management practices while adding key elements to lower AR across multiple points in the invoice/payment cycle. ARS becomes the face and voice of your firms AR efforts, removing the principals from this task and allowing their focus to remain on client service.

  • Consistent Invoice Follow-up: ARS will follow up on each invoice that goes out every billing cycle, by making direct contact with your client.
  • Client Contact: ARS will handle the client interaction around all aspects of invoicing and payment, freeing principals. Continued follow up will be implemented at regular intervals until the invoice is paid or otherwise negotiated.
  • Contract/Retainer Agreement: The contract for your services should contain the necessary protections.  ARS will help review your existing contract and suggest potential additions/edits that will provide the appropriate leverage in negotiating overdue invoices with your clients.
  • Work Stoppage Alerts: At ARS we strongly believe in being proactive in regards to avoiding past due invoices. One mistake we often see expert witnesses make is continuing to work on cases that are well behind on payment or no payment at all has yet been made. ARS will work with your caseload to alert clients to impending work stoppages due to past due invoices.
  • Management of Scheduled Appearances: In our experience, it is critical to have leverage points built around important milestones in a case such as deposition appearance and/or trial appearances. Should your client get behind paying their invoice, ARS will manage the contact with your client regarding work stoppages.
  • Retainers: The receipt of a retainer prior to beginning work on a file is a critical part of our AR reduction system. Retainers are critical and reduce the exposure to payment issues. This requirement is also effective in weeding out clients who will present problems with future collections. We will work with you to determine which clients and cases are applicable for prepayment and assist you in working the proper language into your client contract.
  • Provide Performance Metrics: Every month ARS will provide you with a report detailing the contacts ARS made, the types of contacts, the total amount of received payments, the current total AR as a percentage of revenue and other useful metrics to help determine the efficiency of ARS system.